Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the latest

The latest with us:

- Joseph is done with pre-school. Yay! He is very excited to be done.

- I am not progressing yet. If I don't go into labor by Monday June 1st, I can go in and be induced that night, 7:30, there is an end in sight! I still hope I go into labor myself before then.

- We went to Brent's parents for Memorial day, had a good day there. took 2 little naps :) Kids played, grilled out, spent some good quality time with Uncle Chad and saw a newborn baby kitten, born probably just an hour or two before, my in-laws took it in because the mother abandoned it.

- Megan is remembering the baby kitten in all her prayers. At one point they thought it was dead and she was so upset and crying. A couple hours later they went to take care of it and it moved and meowed. She was soooo excited.

- Finally finished getting ready for Daniel. Crib ready, bassinet ready, clothes ready, diapers bought, all feminine products stocked up on, now we just need baby.

- Had a successful primary activity saturday. Glad it went well.

- The kids are going to be in bed and asleep everday by 8:30. This is my goal, since lately they have been going to bed later than 9:00.

- it is 4:30 right now and I am already to send them to bed ;)

- Just found out my brother and his wonderful sweet wife are having TWINS!!!!!!! Congrats Trevor and Kristine!!!!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

thank heavens

Megan's teacher informed me that she was 1 out of 4 out of the 23 students who did not get sick! Thank Heavens!!!!!! (HUGE sigh of relief)

This weekend I used my valentines gift from Brent and the kids.....a pre-natal massage. Our neighbor is a massage therepist that specializes in this. It was sooo nice! If you are expecting or know someone who is I HIGHLY recommend our neighbor Christine and a massage. It is in her home and she just started her business I believe a little over a year ago. She also does post-natal and infant massage. I think I will have to return after this baby boy is born and my aching back isn't carrying around so much baby weight! check her out here! Soooo worth it.

The massage was so nice but I messed it all up by cutting down my rose bushes saturday night. They were big last year and I didn't cut them down enough so this year when they started growing all the long stuff was still dead with new growth under all of it. They are thorny, thorny, thorny, and I had to cut them down into little pieces to fit them into the yard waste bag and the bag still tore! Argggg they do look alot better now though.

Anyway, I have hopefully less than two weeks left in this pregnancy! We are getting so anxious to meet the little guy. If there is any news I will update as soon as I can.
Sorry these posts have no pictures lately. I will have to upload some soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

knock on wood again and pray really hard...and sanitize

Megan has 23 kids in her 1st grade class. Yesterday she came home and told me that there were only 6 kids there yesterday. What?!?! I thought she must be mistaken. Then she told me that there were originally 9 but 3 went home sick so by the end of the day there were only 6!
6 out of 23 kids?!

In her backpack was a note from the principal confirming this. They think it is the Norovirus. The day before most kids were there, the day after, they were all sick (2 on vacation). Has me a little worried. Hopefully and prayfully my Megan (and the rest of us at home) will continue to have strong immune systems and not get sick!

6 out of 23 not sick! WOW!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Knock on wood

We are hardly ever sick. I don't remember the last time we missed church due to someone being sick in our household. Usually when we do miss church it is because we are out of town or I have had a baby.

Joseph had a runny nose lately, just barely, it would be runny to the end of his nose then dry up quickly. He passed this on to Sarah, although she had clear runny nose for maybe a day and a half, then passed it on to Brent, who bless him, is miserable.
Anyway, Sarah woke me at 4:30am this morning whimpering. She had wrapped herself in her blankey and when I took her to lay down again, started cry/screaming. When I finally got her to calm down she said her ear hurt. Mind you, this girl NEVER complains unless something is really wrong.

I ended up coming downstairs with her, giving her medicine and we rocked and told stories and I tried to keep her cozy in between bouts of crying and just laying on my lap. Finally at around 9:00am she fell asleep. I had called the doc for a 10:50am appt.
I always think, I am just worrying to much? will this go away on its own? We hardly ever go to the doc. and this time I knew I wasn't worrying to much and this most likely wouldn't go away on its own. If it was an ear infection, she needed meds.

I grew up with ear infections and had them ALL the time, so I completely sympathize. Still to this day if I get a cold and don't constantly blow my nose, I will get an ear infection. Thankfully my kids have not inherited this from me.

So I took Sarah in....and as we are waiting she is happy and active and acts completely normal. I just love when that happens...it makes you think "was she really crying and screaming just an hour ago?" "did I really need to bring her in?".....well, her ear drum burst sometime between this morning and the doc. visit. She had a whole bunch of drainage in her poor ear. I felt soooo bad. I had NO clue. She has acted like her happy self this whole time and if her ear ever hurt before this, she never told us. (and this girl is smart enough to tell us). She told the dr. all about everything she could think of, so he saw that she was probably in pain but acted totally happy.

Now she is peacefully sleeping and hopefully will stay that way for a couple of hours. Maybe I could get a nap too?!

So here is to 10 days on meds, $60 for ear drops to help her ear drum heal, praying Brent feels better soon and knock on wood that me and Megan avoid this cold, especially before baby Daniel comes!

Friday, May 8, 2009

100th post!

I just saw that this is my 100th post! Craziness.

I thought I would post my to do list before baby comes:

a Dr.'s appt every week starting next wednesday.....Home Stretch!!!!!

pull up car seat from basement

install car seat base in van

pull up baby boy clothes from 0-12 months

wash the clothes that I will need (if needed)

3 dentist appt.'s for the kids

dr.'s appt. for Joseph's 5 year check-up

spring clean baseboards and doorways from dirty kid hands getting them all grimmy (try)

clean out pantry

numerous t-ball games

finish registration papers for school next year for Megan and Joseph

find a story or write one for primary activity on May 23rd

I am sure there is more I want or need to get done, but this is just what I can think of right now. and with all this I am hoping he comes early! Wish me luck!