Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school!

first off we tried to give Daniel a mo-hawk, if you can see it, it looked pretty cute.

Megan started 2nd grade last thursday. She was pretty excited. She has done the whole school thing for 2 years now and knows what to expect but was most excited because her best friend from 1st grade is in her class and they get to sit by each other (at least until the seat change someday)

Joseph on the other hand was a little apprehensive and nervous and "embarrassed" he said. He did go to 2 years of preschool but full day kindergarten with 3 times the kids in his class is a little more than he was comfortable with. I knew it could go 2 ways, I would pick him up and he would LOVE it or he would say it was okay with not a lot of enthusiasm. Luckily it was the 1st of my thoughts and he loved it. He even made 3 new friends on the first day!

Megan at her locker. this is the first year she has had a real locker so this was pretty exciting. I couldn't take any pictures of Joseph at school, he did NOT want me too, to many kids and he was being a bit shy.

I was worried how Sarah would do with them gone all day since she has been so used to being with her wonderful brother and sister all summer long, but she has surprisingly done really well. We play lots of pretend games throughout the day and our trips to the stores keep us busy but she has been doing great. Now I need to start potty training!
and can I just say how much easier it is to go to the store with 2 kids than 4!!!!!!