Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cooking up a storm

Yeah, not really cooking up a storm, but I did have cooking club at my house today. What is cooking club? A bunch of us totally awesome moms who get together and make/demonstrate how to make one of our favorite meals. So today I made easy "Homemade" chicken noodle soup

Frozen egg noodles (I use Reames, they are YUUUMMMYYY)
chicken, you can use leftover chicken, chicken in a can, you can actually cook the chicken right in the soup too while it is cooking, whatever you decide. This morning I put chicken in a roaster and cooked it in the oven while the kids got ready for school and took them to school.
chicken broth or soup base or boullion (whatever you have on hand, I used soup base today)
salt and pepper

Add it all together in a pot and cook until noodles are done and carrots are tender, around 30 minutes.
I made this whole thing and we feasted on some of it all in the hour and a half everyone was here.
This is one of mine and the kids' favorite. So there you go, there is a quick easy dinner for you to try out soon!!!