Monday, December 6, 2010


to take, at least, 1 decent christmas picture for Christmas cards this year and here are the results:

Daniel refusing to sit by the kids and Sarah clearly not cooperating

Not going to get her to smile

Daniel wondering off, so Brent pretending to be Daniel

Change of scenery???? In front of the Christmas tree?

Yep, no better

We did manage to get 2 good ones to choose from and so here is the winner.....drum roller please, dum,dum,dum, duuuummmmm.....

with enough cropping and put into a card format, it actually turned out pretty cute. And what did we do to get Sarah to smile finally, you might ask??? Gave her a Cheez-it cracker "That's all I wanted so I would smile!" she said. AAAHHHHHH, 4Year olds!!!