Thursday, June 25, 2009


these are highlights of the last 3 weeks:

-Joseph told me "You haven't been this skinny for a loooong time!"

-Sarah announced to a hallway full of people that "This is my brother Daniel. He came out of mommy's butt!"

-My parents came to visit and the kids really enjoyed it. Didn't get any pictures. I am a slacker.

-Sleep deprivation is my middle name, but somehow I manage to cope during the days and nights.

-I have healed more quickly than all the other 3 deliveries.

-Sarah doesn't like to keep clothes on and is definitely in the TERRIBLE 2's.

-Megan can't get enough of Daniel and how "cute he is"....I would have to agree.

-Friends and neighbors have been so kind and helpful...thank you everyone!

-One of the days, I was able to shower and give all 4 kids a bath by 10:30am. It was a great accomplishment but boy was I tired by noon!

-Sarah thinks I wear diapers now too, can't wait until that stops.

-Joseph is going to Safety Town to prepare for kindergarten and having lots of fun.

I'll post some pictures later....right now I am too tired and have to put 3 kids to bed in time for 1 to wake up and be fed and up for another hour or so.

Monday, June 15, 2009


This was Sarah's bedtime prayer last night with absolutely NO help from anyone on what to say:

Dear Heavenly Father, thank thee for this day, bless that the sun can come up, bless that we can go to the rainbow place again, bless that we can watch the new max and ruby show tomorrow, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah talk

Sarah usually talks pretty clearly and says words the way they are supposed to be said and used. Lately though she is saying evil for able. It is really cute to hear.

"when the sun comes up, we will be evil to have breakfast!!!"
This is what she said last night before going to bed.

Next post....first week with 4 kids or putting down all 4 pregnancy, labor and delivery experiences so I can keep them all straight since they are fresh on the mind now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcoming Daniel Jacob

Caution this post is long. I wanted to record the day and what we went through and we all know a blog is a good way to do that.

We went to the hospital on monday night for a scheduled induction. We arrived there around 8:00pm. The plan: give me a pill to soften the cervix, start petocin when softened, break my water in the morning and have baby boy.

The tuesday before, I was barely dialated to a 1 and not softened at all. That whole next week I tried the raspberry teas followed by warm baths, I tried essential oils in the bath and mixed in with lotion and the ever familiar "what got you into this, will get you out of this" says my doctor. Which all of these are supposed to start labor. Labor never started, so I thought......

So we get to the hospital and by 9 (some times are approxiamate) I was admitted in my room with my beautiful gown on, after 3 attempts and a huge goose egg of blood (ouch, ouch and ouch!) on my left hand, had my iv line in and hooked up to the monitors, which showed I was having contractions maybe every 10-15 minutes. Which surprised me, I thought I was just uncomfortable and they weren't really painful, but I had been feeling them all day.

I can't believe I posted this picture. It makes me look HUGE, but I didn't feel that huge.

They finally checked me around 10 and lo and behold I was dilated to a 5 and mostly softened! What!? I guess all the things I tried worked somewhat. The nurse called the doc and he said give me petocin at midnight and they would break my water either when I progressed or at 7 tuesday morning.

After starting petocin the nurse turned it up every 15 minutes along with my blood pressure thing going off every 15 minutes it was a night with very little sleep. Come 6am I was still dilated to a 5 and contractions were gone. :(
The doc came in and broke my water at 7:31. Now you have to understand, with all my babies, they have broken my water and QUICKLY, 2 hours or less, they have all been born. The nurse that came in at 7 had been told this and took it very seriously, unlike the doc.

It was the same with Daniels birth. About a minute after my water breaking, contractions kicked in STRONG. I had told them I wanted/needed that epidural and was worried when they wouldn't let me get it before they broke my water, that I wouldn't get to have it at all since I was already at a 5.

Thank Heavens the anesth. doc was just around the corner and was in the room less than 10 minutes after! So I was numb and couldn't feel the contractions! But I could feel pressure like crazy. OUCH x 1000. I need to remember how bad that hurt, even with the epidural, just in case I think I want more.

So at about 8:45 I was at a 10. I could feel MAJOR pressure and wanted to push, but my doc had just let the West Des Moines.....and had at least a 10 minute drive and I and the nurse had been instructed not to push until he got there. I guess he likes to walk in and catch the baby and walk out. (I really do love my doctors, but when your in labor and want to push but can't because they aren't there.....makes you not like them so much at the time)

After the doc walked in I said I couldn't wait, it was soooooooo painful and I had to push, so after 2 contractions and about 4 pushes during those contractions little Daniel was born weighing 8lbs 15 oz - which sometimes they rounded up to 9lbs and 21 inches long. We are so happy he is here and we finally get to enjoy him.....and I am glad he is out and healthy and now we are at home recovering. It is a very nice hospital and all the nurses were Fantastic but nothing beats home sweet home.

Lovely closed eyes picture. When he was coming out the doc asked if I wanted to see, I was in so much pain it hurt to even open my eyes and I was a little out of it after.

The kids coming to see him for the first time.

Joseph wasn't wanting to cooperate and be in many pictures.

First bath

He has some pretty cute hair that sticks up.

Right after I turned the video off, Sarah said "He is just so cute!"

Monday, June 1, 2009

a Good Day

It is a monday rainy morning and I thought I would list the things that would be good to do today:

- pick up house
- wash the bedding

- go to grocery store (hopefully in between bouts of rain)

- Spend time with kids

- greet mother-in-law into home to stay for a few days

- clean kitchen

-take a little nap if time allows (since I woke at 3:00am and didn't sleep again until 5:30am)

- maybe go to t-ball game (if rain lets up)

- go to hospital at 7:30pm

- have a baby before midnight

- if not before midnight sometime tonight or tomorrow morning

I thought this sounded like a great list a things to accomplish on a rainy monday! Don't you think?!
a few pictures:
Sarah took this one of me at the park, no belly shot, maybe if I feel not so huge today I will let her take a belly shot of me before going to the hospital. She did a pretty good job on this one.
Messy hair Sarah! So adorable!
As always the laughing goofy Joseph!
And sweet adorable Megan posing!

Next post: pictures and details of newest addition to the family, Daniel Jacob!