Saturday, May 1, 2010


Our beloved cat, Liddy, only has a couple more days of life in him, if that. He has been the most wonderful cat. While he would hiss and bat at strangers who came into our home, especially children, he has been the most loving cat to us. He has always been right there in the room with us laying right in the middle of where the kids were playing, laying in the middle of the kitchen floor for me to trip over when I am cooking and hoping I would open a can of tuna and give him the juice, or laying in the middle of the floor upstairs while we get ready for our day.

He has loved the kids and followed them around and would meow and bat at them to get their attention. We have loved him dearly and will miss him greatly. He has been a wonderful part of our lives, and while we will miss him, we feel very blessed to have such a great cat to be part of our family.
Megan is very sad and cries when we talk about his little "funeral arrangements" and Brent is sad too, he has had him since he was a kitten 14 years ago.
We will all miss you greatly Liddy and love you much!!!

(although Megan is sad, she is already talking about getting a kitten for her birthday, it seems to bring her some comfort, but we will have to see about that when the time comes:)