Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lots of pictures and a few words

This post is starting from the most recent on back

Daniel is becoming a daddy's boy. He always wants Brent to hold him and if Brent gets him up from his crib he does not want to come to me. This is a first for us. Kind of sad for me but kind of nice not to have a baby who always wants me and no one else.

Daniel ha graduated to baby chair on the table chair and loves it!!!

This picture is from Easter, just 2 brothers hanging out

Ready to dye Easter eggs. The camera was on the fritz for Easter so not a very good picture. I was kind of hoping it would go out and we would have to get a new one cause I am not crazy about ours, but I don't really want to spend a couple hundred on a new one either. Luckily the next day it worked fine again

These next pics are from Joseph's 6th birthday party. He had 3 friends from school over to have a pizza dinner and ice cream cake with us and they just played. He was happy as you can see. (pay no mind to Patrick in the background, that is one of our "art pieces" Sarah did and has to be up for a certain amount of time before it finds itself in the trash)

Playing outside with his new nerf swords.

When the boys came for his party, Joseph was playing the Wii, he got Mario Kart and when I walked into the room to see them all here, they were lined up like this, I thought it was cute!

The weather is nice enough now to start playing ball!

and everyone loves to be out and playing!

Sometimes though, we have to be in and doing karaoke is always fun!!

More Spring Break pics, we checked into a nice hotel for a night and went swimming a few times. The kids loved it and the pool was Warm!

Daniel enjoyed being in the playpen, but didn't want to sleep there that night....not such a fun night

Hanging out after swimming, and for those who know Brent, he does read GQ...

Sarah was wiped out and Joseph was just relaxing

We also went to the zoo and had a nice time.
Another attempt at taking a picture of all 4...didn't quite work

If you look closely Joseph is at the top by the slide on this giant playground at the zoo

in other news, Daniels 1st tooth finally cut through last night!! Sarah has been telling people she is turning 4 at the end of March (which came and went and that didn't happen:) Megan started piano lessons (for free!), Joseph is starting baseball soon and has already started practices, I had strep throat for a week and a half, finally convinced myself to go to the dr. and sure enough had fun, Brent is still the same, keeping busy with the Bishopric and enjoying time with family every night he can, walks when the weather is nice is a favorite.
Well, thats it for now..

check this out

My wonderful sister-in-law is an author and she was interviewed recently on a news station out in Utah! We are so proud of her and she is a great author, Congrats Robyn!!!

Check her interview out HERE

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I was tagged by one of my wondeful sister-in-laws Kristine,

1. go to your first photo album
2. scroll to the 10th picture
3. post th picture and the story behind it
4. tag 5 others

This picture was taken in 2007, Joseph would have been 3 and fell asleep on the chair and who can't resist taking a picture of an active boy who looks so peaceful sleeping!!! Kind of a fitting picture since this little one will be 6 tomorrow!!!!!

Angela, Sharon, Robyn, Holli, and Carly tag your it...