Wednesday, July 9, 2008


TOYS ARE COMING OUT MY EARS!!!! Plain and simple we have to many toys! Anyone have any good ideas on how to keep toys organized and to a minimum? I can't take it anymore!!!! My goal is to go through them this week or next week and get a better system down. I am dreading it though because that means I have to pull all the toys out of all the kids rooms, look under all the beds, couches, etc. and pull them all into the family room, get rid of all the misc. that the kids have thought they just "have to keep" and put them in a new order. Then try and keep the kids from mixing it all up again and putting it back to where it belongs! Not a fun task! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

getting back to life

These pictures are from last years July 4th, since I didn't get any this year. Can you believe how bald Sarah is! and Megan looks so much more grown up now, she has lost 5 teeth since then!, Joseph I think looks the same, except lately he doesn't smile for pictures!

On our way back from our trip, Brent and his mom got sick with the flu, then tuesday afternoon I started feeling yuck again. It felt just like strip throat, again! I was just in at the doctors June 7th and it was July 1st and I had it again. I had not been to the doctor since May of 2007, I never get sick! So I went to the doc on wed. morning, so by thursday night I was feeling well enough for the big july 4th parade here in west des moines. Unfortanetely, I did not bring the camera because I wasn't up to fighting Sarah for it. We had a good time though and on July 4th we went over to a junior high, where we can usually see fireworks pretty well from a park not to far away. This year though, we couldn't hardly see them, but there was a game going on over at valley stadium next to us and they set off fireworks. They were close enough we could actually feel the big boom when they would go off. So that was exciting. Sarah kept saying "fireworks...scared" over and over. I don't think she enjoyed them as much as Megan and Joseph.

So, now that the holiday is over and I am feeling better and the kids have not come down with what I had or what Brent had, I am hoping things will settle back into a good schedule. If there is such a thing!