Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheeeeeese!!! just a few pictures

This is a wierd help with my morning sickness, Brent got me these wrist bands called Sea Bands, that have a little plastic round thing that pushes on the pressure point and is supposed to take away the nausea(?)....I think they are working, I wear them all day and to if you see me wearing them...this is why.

Sarah and I, when we went to the apple orchard, we are in the corn pool, she didn't like it when we went for playgroup here, and she still didn't like it when we went as a family, but she loved everything else.

Megan and Joseph having a Blast in the corn pool!

Megan & Joseph did the hay maze all by themselves! (after we did it with them the 1st time) They were sooooo excited to have done it alone!

Sarah being a cutie!

The 3 little pigs straw house

the jumping pillow, Joseph and his friend Austin jumping on it

Brent and Sarah, she loves anything to do with bikes and her daddy.

Megan and Joseph in the straw house, by grandpa's picture! (it's a ham!) in the straw house there was a picture of a string of sausage, I believe was dad!

Megan's 7th birthday!!! Happy birthday Megan, WE LOVE YOU!

She was very specific with what she wanted for her cake....white with pink flowers, with green stems, and it to say Happy Birthday Megan! on it. I did a pretty good job picking it out, huh?!

Megan on her birthday with the friends she invited over. I said "hey girls, come stand over here and let me get a picture of all of you" so Sarah comes right over and stands in front of them all! She was just as excited about Megan's birthday as Megan was, now she says she is 7!