Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bet Ya Didn't Know

That everytime I drive down the road and see one of these (or a newer one) that I long to take a trip in one..... like in my childhood days. I don't think even my hubby knows how much I would love to have that experience again. He doesn't like camping.

In my later childhood into teen years we had a motorhome that looked similiar to this one and we went on many a trip and vacation around the good ol' USA in it.
We had some good times traveling down the road in it. My mom redecorated it so it was cream and green colored. In the front there was the driver seat and then instead of a regular passenger seat there were two bench seats we called bus seats that layed down to make a twin bed or you could face them towards each other and put up a table.
In the back there was bench seat that was in the shape of a U and at night you could pull out the middle and make a king sized bed.
I have fond memories of sleeping in the back and waking up to my parents starting the motorhome and just laying back there sleeping while we were driving.
Above the bus seats and drivers seat there was a bunk pull down bed and there was another coach that converted to a bed.
So there was plenty of room to sleep our family of 7.

More great memories were of us sitting on the bus seats going down the road listening to 40's and 50's music and talking on the CB radio to our grandparents who were in there motorhome. We were the Beast and they were Tiger.
There was one vacation were we traveled with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle and we went from Utah all the way to the east coast and back, stopping at all the church history sites along the way. Although our motorhome didn't make it the whole journey. It broke down in Pennsylvania so we bought a station wagon, loaded our stuff in that and headed back to Utah, staying in cabins and hotels along the way.
My parents later flew back and picked it up and brought it home when it was fixed.

I long for my kids to have that sort of experience someday and to experience the closeness that it brings.
Why all the thinking about this? We are headed on a road trip to idaho/utah in a couple days in our van and it brings back memories and makes me wish we could travel the way I did back then. It was sooo fun!

Good Memories

So anyone have a motorhome we could borrow? It sure is expensive to rent one!