Friday, November 21, 2008


My sister left a comment and suggested that I show Megan pictures of the baby as it grows and develops because Megan thinks it is really neat to hear about it. It reminded me of this:

At my first dr. appt. they gave us a whole bag filled with "goods", about 10 magazines and a thick pregnancy book, many items about being preggo and the first few months after. So I was looking through one with the kids that night. This book was one with a real life picture of the baby in utero and talked about the development month by month. They kids really thought it was cool. We get to month 8 (the book is half on my lap half on Megans) so I turn the page to the last month and what is the picture for that month? A full picture of the Delivery Docs veiw of delivery. I mean the head crowning, half way out and out with umbilical cord still attached. Graphic! So I quickly took the book, skipped that page and went on to the baby being cleaned and a newborn. I thought I would wait until she is older and then traumatize here when she is a teenager with those pictures!

I don't know about you but I am not one to have the mirror and watch as I deliver, maybe with this last one, so it will convince me to never do it again. I know the whole getting pregnant and having a baby is just amazing but I don't want to see the down there parts of it. Anyway, what would you do? Would you let your 7 year old see those pictures or keep it until shes older? My kids seem to be pretty innocent still, they don't know about all that "stuff" that goes into creating a baby and I would rather keep it that way for a while longer yet. Tell me what you think.