Saturday, December 11, 2010

Duties of the Basic Housewife...

this is my version of my duties as a wife and mother:
  • keep a clean house (not tidy, just clean, there is a difference) and clean for the most part, this includes, clean dishes, bathrooms, floors vacuumed and mopped (at least once a week), dusting (at least once a month)
  • basic upkeep of washing laundry and folding clothes (or clothes that are clean that sit in a laundry basket for days)
  • making sure kids are fed (I didn't include hubby because he is capable of making his own meals, but I love him enough to make him dinner every night ;)(I really do love him lots!)
  • keeping kids well dressed (this doesn't mean they always have to match)
  • keeping the family on a schedule, ie. waking up, bathed, getting to school, homework, teeth brushing, bed on time, etc, etc.
  • helping with a routine of spiritual needs, reading scriptures, prayers, being active in church activities and attending church
  • doing most of the shopping (ugghhh)
  • loving, nurturing, listening, caring, fun and sometimes a little goofy

These are just some of the things I do on a daily a basis, but this post is no claim in saying I do all of these things all the time. I lack in many of them (mostly the laundry and organization of my home), but the last one I really try to accel at and I hope and pray that most days I do.....