Sunday, December 12, 2010

Childhood memories....

My kids make childhood memories everyday. I believe they are having a happy fun childhood and will look back on these days with lots of great memories.

Things like, ball chase with dad - kids at the top of the stairs, dad at the bottom, dad and kids throwing balls at each other to try and hit each other.

Or made-up bedtime stories, mostly told by dad. Who usually tells pretty funny stories and gets them more riled up than sleepy.

Mom being there to drive them to school, pack their lunches and help with homework. Or nag about doing their homework.

Playing with each other, webkinz, squinkies, zoobles, legos, and hi (a made up game by Megan when she was little, or most commonly called "house" by other kids) playing ball in the backyard, Daniel throwing balls to us ALL the time, sledding in the yard, having hot chocolate on cold mornings, walking to the park in the evenings

Spending hours at the kitchen table making crafts, coloring and eating dinners together every night.

Sharing bedrooms and having sleepovers with everyone on the bunkbeds.

Teaching each other how to write letters, play a song on the piano or how to read.

Giving each other hugs and saying prayers together every night.

These are just some of the fun memories the kids have made together already and here's to MANY, MANY, MORE wonderful Memories!