Thursday, May 20, 2010


- Daniel is standing up in the middle of any where and will stand there for minutes, still not many steps, it might not be long
- he has 4 teeth finally, front 2 bottom, front 2 top
- he still loves his daddy to hold him
- he got a little boy haircut yesterday (pictures later)

-Sarah is up to her usual funny self, always making funny comments, I should write them down more.
- her hair is getting sooo long, she tells people that it is down to her bottom now (maybe it is time for a first hair cut for her?!)
- She loves to play outside with Meg and Joseph now, they have great fun

-Joseph is playing baseball right now and really enjoys it, he loves hustling to the bases
- he has become an excellent reader and can now read just about anything, we are so proud of him
-he made friends with lots of kids at school this year and a neighbor boy, hopefully he will get a chance to play with them this summer

-Megan is her sweet self. she is taking piano lessons and really enjoys it and is quickly picking it up.
- she ran the mile for p.e. recently and improved her time by 4 whole minutes! she loves running
- she is still scared of bees so we will see if we can get her out much this summer, I hope so!

- Brent is busy with Bishopric duties but really enjoys getting to know the members of our ward better
- he stills misses our Liddy and just as excited and adament about getting a kitten after our trip to idaho/utah this summer

-me, I have been busy keeping up with our 4 kids and for the last 3 weeks have been watching 2 kids during the day, a girl a little younger than Sarah and a boy a little younger than Daniel. That is an experience all its own! (I could Never do daycare!)
- I am starting a new 10-week workout program next monday called Kosama. 6 days a week at 5am I will be getting up, and if I enjoy it then I will do the membership for most likely a full year. (see if I can lose this excess weight)
- my primary president calling is good, I still enjoy it, at times it is more busy than others, but I really love the kids and it is fun.

Things to look forward to:
The kids only have 12 school days left and then it is time for summer break, CRAZY!!!
Daniel turns 1 in 13 days, so bittersweet that my baby is getting older!

Well, that is a little update