Thursday, May 14, 2009

knock on wood again and pray really hard...and sanitize

Megan has 23 kids in her 1st grade class. Yesterday she came home and told me that there were only 6 kids there yesterday. What?!?! I thought she must be mistaken. Then she told me that there were originally 9 but 3 went home sick so by the end of the day there were only 6!
6 out of 23 kids?!

In her backpack was a note from the principal confirming this. They think it is the Norovirus. The day before most kids were there, the day after, they were all sick (2 on vacation). Has me a little worried. Hopefully and prayfully my Megan (and the rest of us at home) will continue to have strong immune systems and not get sick!

6 out of 23 not sick! WOW!