Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some days

Some days I can pretend I don't see the pile of toys under the couch and lining the bookcase shelves

Most days I would like to throw most of those toys out the window (mostly when I step on them or can't see my floor)

Some days I can give my kids 3 healthy meals and healthy snacks, other days are good "snack" meal days

Some days I think some day I will be able to lose the weight from my pregnancies that I want to lose, most days I think not yet though

Most days I feel I have it together with 4 kids

Some days I can get us all showered/bathed and ready for the day by 10:00am

Most days I can't believe how I met my husband and how wonderfully life has turned out to be with him

Some days I don't feel like a human milk machine....most days I do

Most days I could just sit and stare at all of my beautiful children (especially when they are peacefully sleeping)

Some days I can shower and use the bathroom with no one barging in on me, most days I can't

Most days I have to keep my patience in check (especially with a 2 year old)

Some days I feel as though I accomplished A lot (like walking to the library with all 4 kids and having no problems! and having the kids tell me that was sooooo much fun)

Most days I don't have a clean house

Some days I try to clean the house

Most days I am soooo thankful for where I live

Some days we try to get chores done and the kids learn to earn money by being responsible, most days it seems to busy to get chores done (at least right now)

Some days I feel like I have been a good daughter, sister, mother, wife and friend

All days I look back on the day and think "I have given all that was in me today, I don't have a clean house and I didn't get much "me" time, but I spent my time enjoying my children and teaching them and talking to them and listening to them and caring for their needs. Tomorrow will come and I will do the same"

I would not change any of this for the world...........what a blessed life I have