Friday, August 1, 2008


Sorry, this is kind of a modge podge of memories. Last Saturday we watched home videos of Megan when she was little and I went through and viewed videos of the other two. (I didn't know what was on what tape and needed to label them) It was so fun watching the videos! It is just so hard to believe life goes on and so quickly from the time we had Megan.

So then on Tuesday I got a call from a childhood/teen years friend, I haven't seen for a long time, she was in town and I was able to see her. So here are some pictures of memories of the kids and me and my friends.

The pictures with Meg in front of our house was 2 summers ago right after we had our yard landscaped. The rose bushes were tiny and at one point I thought one of them wouldn't make it but here they are today....

As you can see they are Much bigger. I am in desperate need of cutting them down, but they are so beautiful!

Sarah was on the porch crying because, surprise, surprise, she wanted the camera!

This is a picture of me and my friend that was in town, right before I got married. She goes by Sica now but to me she will always be! :)
The second one is me and all my friends in Utah after I had Joseph. going from the left is Stefan, Ashley, Anna, Brooke, Me and Jessi and some of us with our babies!

These pictures are of my babies! the top one is Megan, on the bottom is Sarah and Joseph. Don't they all look alike!

These are all pictures of the kids when they are around Sarah's age now, 1 1/2 years old.

And these are just some favorites!