Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Idaho/Utah Trip

We just got back from our Idaho/Utah trip and this was my view from our 18 hour journey to Idaho:

up front was Brent driving, his mom and Sarah and Joseph.
I was squashed between this beauty:

and this babe:

These kids did wonderfully on the drive. Daniel was Happy I was next to him, Megan was glad she could sleep on me, Joseph was in heaven and didn't notice much of the drive because I hooked our Wii up to our portable dvd player, and Sarah played with little stuffed animals, colored, watched Joseph and some movies.
On arriving in Idaho, Joseph got his first chance to shoot off a bbgun

The kids watched fireworks in front of the house

watched one of their cousins jump through the fireworks

watched the city fireworks (notice the blankets, it was flippin' cold in Idaho!!)

We went up to the Idaho Falls temple and fed the ducks/geese/seagulls

Daniel loved throwing bread to them

We saw lots of family in Idaho and we all had fun.

After Idaho and stopping to see some great friends, Bill and Georgia and their kids and having a great visit (no photos:( )
We headed off to Utah to see other cousins and family members.
This is most of the clan, but not all of them.

At Grandma and Grandpa Schow's house we got to see more fireworks

We went to an aquirium, Sarah really wanted to see the seahorses

Megan pet some sting rays

We also had a Higgins' family reunion at a park where there were fun was to be had playing an egg toss, water race, volleyball, dinner, chatting, chatting, chatting, and seeing most of my cousins and aunts and uncles. There was also another bbq to see Brents sister and family from AZ and a neice and nephew and there family. I forgot my camera for both of those events though :(

We headed off to see the Temple one of the days too

We also went to see Discipable Me with all the cousins and later the kids enjoyed some riding on a go cart.

We had lots of fun and the kids got to know their cousins again. Can't wait till next time....well, maybe for the ride out there.....I can wait on that.......