Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fair '09

We went to the famous Iowa State Fair on monday. It is fun to go but by the end of the day it almost feels like being tortured, being outside for so long and around sooooo many people, with so many different smells and such. I got a headache by the time we were done monday night and I still have it wednesday morning. But we did have fun and it was nice to spend a day out all together.

This is where Daniel spent most of his time.

Sarah went on her first amusement park ride, all by herself. Megan and Joseph were to big. She did pretty good but near the end she was saying she wanted down.

Having lunch on a park bench.

Enjoying ice cream. She wanted that SOOOO bad.

Megan opted out of having ice cream (to full from lunch still) but was sipping on my strawberry milkshake, yummy, and Joesph with a nice mustache

Like father like daughter. (He started it)

Sweet smiling Sarah

In the Animal Learning Center there were little chicks that were so adorable. We watched a few trying to hatch out of eggs, saw chicks waddling around a little "pond" in the picture, saw a video of goats and pigs being born, saw a "magic show", saw baby pigs and goats (the ones on the video being born), and got to smell the combo of all these animals under one roof!

and of course we had to do Little Hands on the Farm.

These are just sweet picture of Daniel smiling and being attentive to us. He is starting to be such a happy little baby, especially after he has been fed.

I wish his shirt said little guy, because that has become his affectionate name we all call him. The kids will say "where's little guy" or "I want to see little guy"

and our tired sleeping little guy!
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