Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 1998

It was January 1st 1998. I don't remember who's idea it was to go spend the day downtown and hang out at the mall in Salt Lake City. We looked around for awhile but being broke teenagers we didn't buy anything, except a pretzel or two I think.

So we ended up sitting on a bench watching people walk by.
Previously we had seen some guys going up an escalator and we were going down, we looked at them, they looked at us, we thought they were cute.

So those same guys walk past us, they look at us and we look at them, smiling, a little flirting look. Then one of them said "Hi" and they walk out the doors and start across the street.
I don't remember all of who said what but I remember the "Let's go after them" "WHAT?!?" "They are to old for us" "We're bored, let's try and go talk to them?!"

So we briskly walk out the door in time to see them rounding the corner of Temple Square. "Let's cut them off on the other side!" We all take off running through Temple Square to cut them off.
We see them across the street getting into the car, "What do we do now?!" "Walk past them and say hi" We are so embarrassed. Somebody is saying "let's just go back to the mall."

I remember feeling nervous excitement. We walk past, they see us, we say hi, they invite us to lunch. They tell us they are going to the Olive Garden, I think they asked directions....? We run to our car and Finally after 20 minutes find the restaurant.

We go in, sit down and are seated half way across the room. A couple of them come over and talk to us, tell us they are from out of town and that they are members of the Church. We don't believe could out of staters be members?

We agree to meet up later, hang out, go to a movie. The next day is the same, more hanging out, a movie, Ensign Peak. It was so fun, we thought we would never see them again. During one of the movies me and Brent talked most of the time, Dr. Doolittle, I don't think we saw any of it.

We exchanged #'s. They left to come back to Iowa......He called me the day after he got back....I had tried to call him but had the area code wrong.

We talked everyday after that, he flew back in February and March, I came to Iowa in April, he came back in May and proposed, June I came to Iowa again, July he came to Utah, August me and my family drove back to Iowa, September we were married.
12 years later, 4 wonderful kids, and I wouldn't have it any other was all so meant to be. I Love you Brent!!!

p.s. sorry no pictures, digitals cameras weren't back then and I haven't scanned any, I will have to soon so you can see how Brent still looks as young today as he did then!

p.s.s I am considering going private, if you are interested in keeping up, leave me your email

p.s.s.s the same day we met was the same day he decided to go back to church and become active, just hours before I met him. What a day!!!