Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sarah turns 2:
Our little girl turned 2 on thanksgiving! Everytime we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she would say "a blue kitty cake and ice cream". So we went to the store to pick out a cake (I was in no mood to actaully bake and decorate a cake) and I picked out a hello kitty cake and an Elmo cake. Elmo won by a long shot. She was SO excited! We celebrated her birthday a day early since her actual birthday was on thanksgiving day.

"What I am really 2 now? I can open these presents?!"

Sarah opening her coloring book and other presents.

The wonderful Elmo cake with Sarah in the back waiting patiently to blowout candles and eat it!

On her actual birthday at Grandma's eating ice cream! YUM

We were telling Sarah "You're going to be 2" for so long now if you ask her how old she is she says"I'm gonna be 2" She hasn't quite figured it out yet she is 2, even though she acts very much like a 2 year old.

Sarah and Joseph love it when our cats get up on the couch with them. Sarah will actually pat the couch and call in a high pitched voice "come here Winnie come here" This day the cat finally got up on her lap and laid there for awhile. Sarah was beyond excited.

Punishment for not listening: call them by a different name. Joseph = Henry, Billy, Elmo, George, Oscar.....and many more. Megan = Zoey, just had to use it once so far. My kids, mostly Joseph, is going through a bad stage of not listening lately. So I decided, his ears didn't need cleaned out, he wasn't responding to Joseph, so there was just one other option....that wasn't his name. So the above mentioned names are just a few of the new names that we are trying out to see if he will finally responds and behaves appropriately. So far it seems to be working. The kids think it is kind of funny and it diverts attention away from whatever they were doing.

On another note, we had a good thanksgiving. There wasn't a lot of us at Brent's aunt and uncles house but it was nice and as always the food was sooooo yummy. It is always much easier to eat food during my morning sickness when others prepare the food and not me! We have much to be grateful for. I feel as the years go by there is more and more to be grateful for. Our kids, our continued health, our families, our many friends, our stability in this economy, our callings, and sooooo much more.
I heard the babys heart beat again today. That is always so reassuring to hear and is included in my list of things to be thankful for. Healthy, fairly easy pregnancies.
Now I need to kick it in gear and go out and start my christmas shopping that I haven't started yet! Wish me luck!