Tuesday, October 28, 2008

this and that

By now most know....We are expecting baby #4 in late May. I haven't come right out and said it so there it is. We are excited but I will be more so when the morning sickness wears off. I told Brent I would rather go through child birth 2 times than feel like this for 10 weeks! This will be our last and I have nooooooooo problem saying that!

Just a few this and that things the kids have been up to......

Joseph: whenever he is watching a cartoon and commercials come on and he sees any toy that has to do with boys, he says over and over "I want that, I want that" it was amusing at first but not so much now. I will even be upstairs and can hear him saying that when no one is around.

Sarah: You ask her what she is doing, for example you see her coloring, she responds back "Just coloring" "Just eating" as natural as can be.
I also tell Sarah if she wants something she needs to be happy and not cry about it or whine. Like on sunday, she did not want to go to nursery, she starts crying then remembers she needs to be happy if she wants something so she pats her chest and says "Be Happy, go home!"

Megan: She is very excited for halloween, so she wants to wear all black and orange, so my job before then she informed me is to make sure she has everything black and orange to wear friday. Socks, shirt, pants, underclothes, hair bows, the works.....we'll see. She is also becoming such a great reader and according to her knows more than some adults! :)

On another note, we had our primary program this sunday and I just have to say that I am soooooo proud of the kids in my primary!!! They did a wonderful job and it couldn't have been better. Way to go Primary kids!!!!
I am especially proud of Joseph for memorizing his part and actually getting up and saying it (it helped that we bribed him with a gold coin!) and of Megan for singing her solo part so beautifully! I was all smiles sunday! FAntastic!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheeeeeese!!! just a few pictures

This is a wierd one...to help with my morning sickness, Brent got me these wrist bands called Sea Bands, that have a little plastic round thing that pushes on the pressure point and is supposed to take away the nausea(?)....I think they are working, I wear them all day and to bed....so if you see me wearing them...this is why.

Sarah and I, when we went to the apple orchard, we are in the corn pool, she didn't like it when we went for playgroup here, and she still didn't like it when we went as a family, but she loved everything else.

Megan and Joseph having a Blast in the corn pool!

Megan & Joseph did the hay maze all by themselves! (after we did it with them the 1st time) They were sooooo excited to have done it alone!

Sarah being a cutie!

The 3 little pigs straw house

the jumping pillow, Joseph and his friend Austin jumping on it

Brent and Sarah, she loves anything to do with bikes and her daddy.

Megan and Joseph in the straw house, by grandpa's picture! (it's a ham!) in the straw house there was a picture of a string of sausage, I believe was dad!

Megan's 7th birthday!!! Happy birthday Megan, WE LOVE YOU!

She was very specific with what she wanted for her cake....white with pink flowers, with green stems, and it to say Happy Birthday Megan! on it. I did a pretty good job picking it out, huh?!

Megan on her birthday with the friends she invited over. I said "hey girls, come stand over here and let me get a picture of all of you" so Sarah comes right over and stands in front of them all! She was just as excited about Megan's birthday as Megan was, now she says she is 7!

Monday, October 13, 2008

what's new with you?

what's new with us lately?
Our computer was down last week, Megan had her 7th birthday last friday!, today we went to the apple orchard, Megan was off school and we called Joseph in sick ;) and Brent took the day off of work, I still need to find a kitty halloween costume for Sarah, I desperately need to clean my house, I am anxiously looking forward to our primary program at the end of this month, so much so that I am having dreams/nightmares about how it is going to go and I have been "sick" the last week and will continue to be for probably the next 10 weeks!! (yes, take this as an announcement)

So what's new with you?

(I will post pictures later)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs

We went to Walking with Dinosaurs at the Iowa Events Center last night. This is an educational/real life/real size show about Dinosaurs. And can I say it was REALLY COOL, if not a little scary also. We took all 3 kids and there were times Joseph was glued scared to his seat, wide eyed and terrified, mostly the T-Rex part! Sarah was sitting on my lap the whole time and when it was scary or loud she would lay on me, I would cover her other ear and hum "I am a Child of God", but she wanted to see what was going on. Megan was next to Brent and hugging his side during some of the thunder or scary T-Rex.

There was a palleanthologist (?) narrating it, and we "traveled" back in time to see the dinosaurs. These dinosaurs were so real looking and loud. It was very.....awesome. I was a little worried about the seats, 1-because I bought them the night before we went, 2-becasue they were $24, and kind of near the front on the lowest section of seating. So I was thinking why would they be the lowest price near the front, the seats went around in a semi-circle and we were at one the the beginning ends to it. I was thinking "is there going to be something in the way of us seeing the show?" "Were these just not good seats?" the other seats next to us were $60 then $35 above us. But we got there, found our seats and they were perfect, especially for the lowest price. We were on row R up from A, so not to far up, right at the edge and had a perfect view to everything. I don't think you could have had a bad seat, unless you were up in the nose bleed section, which was the other option I almost chose. Anyway, enough about the seats.

If you ever get the chance to go and you think your kids can handle it.....GO. It was well worth it. My kids were wide eyed with wonder one minute, terrified the next, excited after that, laughing and having fun the next minute. They talk now about it like they weren't scared, I was afraid they might have nightmares last night, but I didn't hear a peep from any of them! My only regret is that I forgot the camera, argh! We had lots of fun, So go see it next time you see it in town!