Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nerds, 5year olds, and Christmas trees

Megan and Joseph thought it would be funny to try and be nerds...what do you think, 
do they make good nerds??

 This girl''s hair is out of control, she is growing out her bangs and her hair is past the middle of her back.

 Christmas tree all up and decorated.  Kids did a great job.  Now if only the puppy and the cats would leave it alone.  I put branches back on it and lights back up every day!
 Tree with the Tree pose.
 Up close.

 Can't believe my baby girl is 5!  She is adorable and we LOVE her tons!

 These two are good little buddies :)

 Sad little pup with a muzzle on.  Someday Daisy, someday (when you stop trying to bite my hand off when I try to pet you)  You will not have to wear that stinky thing.

Anyone have a shock collar they would like to let us buy or borrow????