Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dad's turn

I built a fort the other day with the kids, now it was dad's turn to make a snowman with the kids. Joseph made a snowball all by himself.

Daniel was pretty happy to pose by the snowman

All of them by the snowman, Rocky is what the named him.
Unfortunately, after all of our hard work, the snow fort is just about gone and the snowman is almost headless. It was great time spent with them though and we all had lots of fun.
(sorry for the horrible pictures...I think a new camera will have to be bought in the new year)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What do you do...

on a Perfectly great Christmas break, sunny, warm, with lots of snow on the ground kind of day?????

Build a Snow Fort!!!!

The kids and I spent a couple hours outside yesterday sledding a little (we all got a bit tired of climbing back up the big hill in the back) and we built this snow fort in the front yard. It was lots of fun and the kids kept talking about how awesome it was and how they never thought that they would ever be able to build anything like this. It was some precious time spent with them.
Joseph looks like he isn't in this first picture but he is actually looking out the little window.

These next pictures are from Christmas. We were at Brent's parents.
The kids are ready to go to church.

Daniel Loved laying on this wonderful dog, Caden.

Sarah with her new vanity on Christmas morning. We put this in her room and I was walking downstairs one morning and thought she was asleep, but then heard this going off (it plays a litle song) and found her in there "putting on her make-up".

Megan and cousin Bailee, hanging out Christmas morning

Decorating sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, they were sooo yummy!

If you can't tell, Daniel was in Heaven doing this!

Another little fun thing the kids did, made a T land out of blocks. They thought this was pretty cool.

And last, Daniel caught reading by the stairs.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Early Christmas..

At least on my side of the fam.
We usually open our Christmas presents from my side of the family the night before we go down to Brent's parents so tonight was the night.

The kids enjoyed getting presents early. Some of them included, an outfit for each of them from me and Brent (the less we have to take the better!), a big transformer for Joseph, a Zoobles set for Megan, another Princess doll for Sarah (she literaly SCREAMED at the top of her lungs when she opened this and was jumping up and down, I should have video taped it, it was sooo funny!), Daniel has a fun new "ball", a boat with blocks, and they all got pajamas.

For Brent he received a shirt, snow pants, and a book on prayer he has been wanting for months and me...I think I scored the best, I received a sweatshirt, a new set of pots and pans (this was actually to Brent and I, but since I am the one who does 99% of the cooking, more for me), a set of sea salts and lotion for feet, and a....KINDLE! Brent won this at work, I am sooooo excited. If you know me well, you know I have a LARGE library of books and really enjoy reading.

Pretty fun stuff!
If I was on top of it I would have video taped the kids and taken pictures to post, but I have been going all day and I am getting a nice migraine, and I still have to make some more fudge and give all the kdis a bath/shower. Then I get to get all the presents ready to transport down to Brent's parents after everyone goes to bed. (Santa has to hide things well to escape notice of the kids' eyes)

I think I will have to treat myself to getting a book for my Kindle when we come back..!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Out the window....

with the blogging everyday goal...
Maybe I should have tried this on a month where there isn't a major holiday. I have done most of the month but this week is sooo busy, I have hardly had a chance to get on the computer or take a nap. A nap is a much needed necessity for me when I get up at 4:30am.

Yesterday, was a busy day. Between kids' last day of school before winter break and their winter parties in the afternoon, running errands, cleaning house, and the kids' friends over last night from about 6-9:30. I felt like I was going, going, and when bedtime came, I was gone...except for that sore throat and headache coming on. Then Sarah woke me at 3:00am having a hard time sleeping, so I took her to her bed and fell asleep with her on her bed until around 8:00 this morning, which means I missed working out :( I am hoping the little sore throat and headache are just from exhaustion and not the onset of a cold or sickness....(crossing fingers and praying )

Today, we are going to go buy a present for my father-in-law and something for Brent. That includes going to costco and the mall and most likely we won't get out of the mall without having to go to the play area. The kids will Love that!!

Other activities while they are out of school are: going to Pump It Up, playing the wii, having friends over, Christmas of course, hopefully they will get in some reading (I told the if they read a book during Christmas break, I would bring them lunch at school, but it was up to them to do this, I am not going to remind them everyday), sledding, dentist appts., and lots and lots of playing!!

On another note about my previous post on sharing time, someone was mentioning to me how much they liked the sharing time I did and reminded me that last year I did something similiar. Last year, I dressed up as Mary and came and told the children about the birth of Jesus. That was a really fun one too. I just love teaching!!

Sorry this post was a little all over the place, that seems to be where my mind is right now....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sharing Time

I am lucky enough to be the Primary President in our ward right now and along with this calling I get to teach all the kids from age 3-11 at least once a month, called Sharing time. We have 2 groups of kids, one Junior, one Senior.

Yesterday I taught a Christmas lesson. I hung a strand of lights off the chalk board, turned off the light, had the Junior kids sit on the floor, with me on a chair and I told the Christmas story from the scriptures found in Luke. I pulled out props to have some visual aids for the kids.
I have some adorable felt hand puppets of Mary, Joseph, wise men, a sheep, and a shephard, then I used some of my kids' toys and a church picture book to show the kids more realistic photos. I loved seeing the look on their faces and to see how much these little kids already know about the Birth of our Savior.

With the older kids, some sat on the floor, some were on chairs and I used a little porcelain nativity set we have. With the older kids I actually pulled out the scriptures and read from them. They had some pretty deep, good kids!

With both of these groups I also talked about how Christ grew up and taught us how we should live our lives, then how he died for us and was resurrected and Atoned for us.

My wonderful counselors and I then gave them a Christmas present. It was an ornament, clear, in the shape of a heart, with a little glitter inside with a picture of Jesus and then on the outside was written CTR. Which stands for Choose the Right or Christ the Redeemer.

I always love to teach the kids in our ward such basic gospel truths. I feel blessed that my Heavenly Father trusts me enough to lead, teach, and guide these young ones, along with my own 4 wonderful children.

This time of year can be hectic and crazy, but teaching these kids yesterday and hearing a wonderful talk by a great friend in church, puts the Christmas season more into perspective.
May you all have the Christmas spirit with you and remember the Birth, life and Resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Saturday before....

Christmas of 2010.

Make 3 batches of peanut butter fudge....check (YUMMY)

Make about 300 chocolate covered pretzels....check

Assemble plates/goodie bags with fudge and pretzels....check

Deliver 18 holiday treats to friends around us....check

Do a little christmas shopping....check (at least Brent and his mom did)

Watch more christmas shows will I make all the goodies....check

Kids go sledding down the hill in the backyard....check (at least Meg and Joseph)

Give all 4 kids showers/baths before church tomorrow morning....check

Make sure my lesson for sunday primary is all set and ready....check

Go to bed in a good mood and with a little Christmas spirit.....almost check

Friday, December 17, 2010



Sarah had her preschool program and we are happy to announce that she is our first child to actually do the actions and sing in a preschool program!!! She was sooo cute.
Right before they started and when the kids were going up there, Daniel got off a chair, ran into a stroller in the isle, and fall flat on his back and head. OUch! He cried and cried and made quite a scene. Luckily he was fine and calmed down just before they started singing.

Megan had Grandparents day at school today and Brent's mom came up for it. They had wonderful time and we were all happy to have her come.
That was our happenings from today and yesterday!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Look back in time.....

This is a look back in time with pictures, starting with 2010

First day of school, Joseph 1st grade, Megan 3rd grade and Sarah pre-school(she isn't dressed yet)


First day of school, Joseph kindregarten, Megan second grade

Daniel, 1 month old

Christmas 2008

summer time 2007

Sarah, around 3 month old
Joseph 2 1/2

Megan, 5 with Trevor my brother

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

!Warning! Boring!

Can't think of a whole lot to blog about today, so this is just a mix & match of the things on my mind today.

Slept in today and didn't go workout. I really enjoy working out in the mornings but getting up at 4:30am is a little difficult everyday. When I do force myself to get up, changed, go out in the freezing cold now and excercise I always feel really great.

For those who don't know, I am doing a program called Kosama. It starts out with a 10-week program and then you can sign up for their Alumni and do it for how long you want. I signed up for a year so far. We do a combination of everything, yoga, plyometrics (tough! moving for 50 minutes straight!), kettlebells - some days upper body, some days lower body and some days whole body, kickboxing, and circuit - a mix of everything all in 1 workout. (I am telling you, this would make a MInt in SLC if someone would open one there!)
I do this 6 days a week for an hour. I have lost close to 20lbs and a whole bunch of inches, especially in my legs and arms, now if my waist would just get the clue.....
with 4 kids and a busy schedule getting up early is the sacrifice I have to make to get where I want.
Anyway, it is fun and I will keep forcing myself to get up that early until I reach my goal.

Mailed our christmas cards today, hopefully everyone will get them soon. Still have some christmas shopping to do. Need to pick up the house today and go through the kids close. In the process of cleaning out old clothes that don't fit and putting new ones in the dressers that do fit. The haul all the old clothes to the basement. (I dread this every summer and winter!)

I was thinking today that I probably won't be able to blog over christmas eve, christmas day, and the following day, until we get back from Brent's parents, the internet there is just about non-existant. So this little "blog everyday" that I started will go up to the 23rd and then I will update again when I get back.

Sorry if you made it through this boring post.
What is on your mind today????

Monday, December 13, 2010

tips for winter driving

*First, if it is icy, take it sloooooooowwwww, black ice can be your enemy and really is hard to see.
*second, don't be afraid to put the car in lower gears to slow down, this helps tremendously, especially coming up to a stop
*third, try not to panic if you start sliding
*fourth, keep an emergency kit in your car and extra blanket
*fifth, if you get stuck in a couple feet of snow, rock the car back and forth between reverse and drive or have someone try to help push it out.
*Last tip, Never go out if you don't have to :)

I have had to keep all these things in mind lately now that we have gotten hit with our first ice/snow storm recently. Hope some of these tips help, drive safe!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Childhood memories....

My kids make childhood memories everyday. I believe they are having a happy fun childhood and will look back on these days with lots of great memories.

Things like, ball chase with dad - kids at the top of the stairs, dad at the bottom, dad and kids throwing balls at each other to try and hit each other.

Or made-up bedtime stories, mostly told by dad. Who usually tells pretty funny stories and gets them more riled up than sleepy.

Mom being there to drive them to school, pack their lunches and help with homework. Or nag about doing their homework.

Playing with each other, webkinz, squinkies, zoobles, legos, and hi (a made up game by Megan when she was little, or most commonly called "house" by other kids) playing ball in the backyard, Daniel throwing balls to us ALL the time, sledding in the yard, having hot chocolate on cold mornings, walking to the park in the evenings

Spending hours at the kitchen table making crafts, coloring and eating dinners together every night.

Sharing bedrooms and having sleepovers with everyone on the bunkbeds.

Teaching each other how to write letters, play a song on the piano or how to read.

Giving each other hugs and saying prayers together every night.

These are just some of the fun memories the kids have made together already and here's to MANY, MANY, MORE wonderful Memories!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Duties of the Basic Housewife...

this is my version of my duties as a wife and mother:
  • keep a clean house (not tidy, just clean, there is a difference) and clean for the most part, this includes, clean dishes, bathrooms, floors vacuumed and mopped (at least once a week), dusting (at least once a month)
  • basic upkeep of washing laundry and folding clothes (or clothes that are clean that sit in a laundry basket for days)
  • making sure kids are fed (I didn't include hubby because he is capable of making his own meals, but I love him enough to make him dinner every night ;)(I really do love him lots!)
  • keeping kids well dressed (this doesn't mean they always have to match)
  • keeping the family on a schedule, ie. waking up, bathed, getting to school, homework, teeth brushing, bed on time, etc, etc.
  • helping with a routine of spiritual needs, reading scriptures, prayers, being active in church activities and attending church
  • doing most of the shopping (ugghhh)
  • loving, nurturing, listening, caring, fun and sometimes a little goofy

These are just some of the things I do on a daily a basis, but this post is no claim in saying I do all of these things all the time. I lack in many of them (mostly the laundry and organization of my home), but the last one I really try to accel at and I hope and pray that most days I do.....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost Done

With our Christmas shopping!!
xmas '09

Brent took half the day off today, and Thanks! to a wonderful friend who watched Sarah, we went and bought just about all the presents (at least for our kids). We might get them all an outfit and we have 1 thing to order. A few more items for other family members and we will be done. This is always such a relief to get finished. Enjoying the Christmas season is easier when you don't have shopping to do.

Are you done yet?????

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cooking up a storm

Yeah, not really cooking up a storm, but I did have cooking club at my house today. What is cooking club? A bunch of us totally awesome moms who get together and make/demonstrate how to make one of our favorite meals. So today I made easy "Homemade" chicken noodle soup

Frozen egg noodles (I use Reames, they are YUUUMMMYYY)
chicken, you can use leftover chicken, chicken in a can, you can actually cook the chicken right in the soup too while it is cooking, whatever you decide. This morning I put chicken in a roaster and cooked it in the oven while the kids got ready for school and took them to school.
chicken broth or soup base or boullion (whatever you have on hand, I used soup base today)
salt and pepper

Add it all together in a pot and cook until noodles are done and carrots are tender, around 30 minutes.
I made this whole thing and we feasted on some of it all in the hour and a half everyone was here.
This is one of mine and the kids' favorite. So there you go, there is a quick easy dinner for you to try out soon!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What do I hear??

Right now I hear,

Sarah crying because she wants to watch a princess video and dance to a song. She is dressed in a dress-up dress as a princess.

Daniel, surprisingly, is quiet playing with a nun-chuck.

Megan and Joseph are wrestling and screaming, yelling, fighting. I wonder how long it will take for someone to get hurt and cry???????

Now the video is playing...

Brent is quiet in the living room, looking for some peace and quiet, trying to watch Survivor on the DVR.

Oh, now Daniel is standing on the side of the couch yelling "MOOOOMMMMMM, MOoooMMMM!!"

The dishwasher needs loaded and should be running too, although you can barely hear it. Grapes from dinner need to be put away, homework needs to be done, house needs picked up a little, and kids need to be put to bed in about 30-45 minutes.

My back and my stomach is really, really achy right now. Stress from all this thinking about how much I need to be doing and all the chaos of sound around me??

I think I will go and join Brent......

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Call me Mrs. Fix-it

Home ownership is a big responsibility, not only do you have to make sure you send in your mortgage payments every month and the daily upkeep of cleaning and tidying, there is also a lot of maintenance.
I grew up with parents always fixing this or building that. They even built a cinder-block castle in our backyard for us kids to play in, 2 stories. It was pretty cool. So I learned a bit from them. At least with home maintenance, as far as cars go, I know a little. I can change a flat tire and figure out how to get a van with a dead battery parked in the middle of the garage out, unlock the wheel and get it in a position to jump start it.

Back to the house repairs.....having a leaky kitchen faucet, that could get expensive on the water bill needs to be taken care of soon. Or the Christmas outdoor lights that suddenly stopped working in the electrical outlet they are plugged into, or the toilet that keeps running after you flush.
Then there is the clogged drains and the inadequate heat to one area of the house. The loose screws holding up the cabinet doors or the handle insert on a closet door that keeps popping off(craft glue kept this one on). There is also the door(s) that don't shut right because the screws are screwed into holes that have now become to big and the door seems like it will come off when opening, or doesn't shut right. The kitchen disposal that has stopped working.
Some are easy enough to fix, others need a professional. Like the washer that stops draining water but is full of wet clothes, or the gas oven that, when opened, spits a fire ball out at you. Or the furnace that needs cleaned and checked. The dryer that smells and isn't drying. The microwave that runs when the door is opened (bought a new one! yikes!).

All of these things are things that have happened while we have lived here and all of them from the leaky kitchen faucet to the kitchen disposal have been fixed by yours truly, MOI!
Leaky kitchen faucet....that made a bit of a mess because I didn't get the hot water completely shut off while taking apart the handle to fix it. Flooded the counter.
Christmas lights needed reset on the GT electrical plug that was connected to where the Christmas lights were plugged in at.
Running toilet, needed a new seal around the base of the inside, easy fix and couple bucks later. Clogged drains, a little mix of baking soda and vinegar plus a small plunger..... unclogged.
Doors that don't shut right, require a little dowel rod glued into the holes,
new screws and a good screwdriver.
Kitchen disposal, first it was resetting the button on the bottom. (who knew sometimes you have to reset a disposal) But after it went out again, bought a new one, basically unscrewed the old one, screwed the new one back on, plugged hoses back
into it and there you go, new disposal!!
If it is a big appliance I will let the professionals handle that, but for all
these other items, bring it on house, I can take ya!!!
(if you made it through this post, Thanks, probably not one of my most exciting, but I am proud of myself for doing all this, and if you have a leaky faucet....give me a call ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010


to take, at least, 1 decent christmas picture for Christmas cards this year and here are the results:

Daniel refusing to sit by the kids and Sarah clearly not cooperating

Not going to get her to smile

Daniel wondering off, so Brent pretending to be Daniel

Change of scenery???? In front of the Christmas tree?

Yep, no better

We did manage to get 2 good ones to choose from and so here is the winner.....drum roller please, dum,dum,dum, duuuummmmm.....

with enough cropping and put into a card format, it actually turned out pretty cute. And what did we do to get Sarah to smile finally, you might ask??? Gave her a Cheez-it cracker "That's all I wanted so I would smile!" she said. AAAHHHHHH, 4Year olds!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Already slacking

Yesterday's post was written in my head but not on here and posted until today, so I am already slacking in my 31 days. Although there will still be 31 posts.
My favorite things to do while preparing for Christmas:
*Decorating the tree and around the fireplace - which are the only 2 area I really decorate, until this year I hung up lights outside!
*Have hot chocolate and toast for breakfast as much as possible, at least the kids, who doesn't LOVE hot chocolate and toast
* Wear long sleeves and socks everyday, to try and stay warm and cozy
* Make Christmas goodies, i.e. cookies - choc. chip, sugar cookie, snickerdoodle, fudge, choc. covered pretzels, mmmmmmm yum
* take pictures of the kids to send out christmas cards
* talk to the kids about the true meaning of Christmas and how we need to keep why we celebrate Christmas. (hopefully if you ever ask the kids this question they won't respond with something like "to get presents!")
* listen to Christmas music
* Go through toys and get rid of/store some to make room for new ones coming in a few weeks
* Watch as many Christmas movies/shows as possible, the Hallmark channel is my fav, especially on weekends
Christmas time is always so wonderful!!!

What special thing do you do?

Dear Friends

Some friends you keep in touch with all year round, talking to them once, twice a week or 3 times a month. Then there are some you keep in touch with 4-5 times a year, that still remain dear friends, that is the 2 I want to tell you about.
When I moved here 12 years ago, I was assigned to Visit Teach two Sisters who lived together, one in really not so great of health, Neva, the other a friend who cared for her, Gloria. Neva was a nanny to Gloria's children and they were good friends, so after their kids were all grown up, the moved in together and became best of friends. They have been through ups and downs together.
Neva, in and out of the hospital more times than I could count. Gloria always beside her and helping. Sometimes the tables were turned and Gloria was in need of care, but others stepped in and helped and Neva trying to help.
There have been many times we have received a call saying "this is it, you better come say good-byes, Neva isn't doing well" and Every time she is back home soon. Amazing.
We got news yesterday that Neva is moving to a Manor Care in Kansas City and Gloria, an ever amazing woman and care taker, is moving in to care for her mother in North Dakota. Their 34 years as roommates coming to a close. We will miss them, even though we didn't see them often.
They will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and we will continue the 3-4 times a year, through email and mail friendship.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I know everyone is one pins and needles waiting to see what my next blog post is about! ;)

10 things I believe every parent needs:

1. hugs and kisses from their spouse or child EVERY DAY

2. an extra hour in the day, or two

3. a magic snap that cleans the house in an instant. I would say maid but I don't think anyone should really have to clean up after us or anyone else. (unless you love that sort of thing)

4. a set easy menu to make our meals, and a cook for those nights when I don't really feel like cooking.

5. a good nights sleep EVERY night

6. children that listen and obey and are happy all the time :)

7. the perfect car/van/suv that fits your every need in transportation (mine would include an RV for those longer road trips, but who wants the maintenance and cost of one of those!?)

8. a seperate room for all the toys, and the toys go there on there own when they find themselves out of the room (because you know the kids won't put them back and I would just rather get rid of them then put them back!, I know I'm mean, but toys are my nemesis)

9. to NEVER, EVER get sick

10. and last, to have all the LOVE in the world for your spouse and kids and that love to be felt by all, all of the time

I know most of these aren't for real but some of them can be. I try to work on #10. If I can have my kids know I love them no matter what all the time, then I will be a successful parent and that is all I can ask.

What would you add to my list??????

Thursday, December 2, 2010

18-months old!!

2010 Halloween

Daniel is 1 1/2 today! I can't believe our last little babe is
growing up so fast!
Today we went to the Dr. and here are his 18 month old stats:
33.3 inches in height - 77%
25.6 lbs - 44%
He is steadily and gradually growing from the time he was born. A few things
Daniel does and some words he an say:
mama, dada, SaRAh!, nigh nigh, love ya, tank you, kitty, dog, hot, cold, car, vroom vroom, truk, tig (tigger out cat), milk, more, pease (please), cheese, and he also says some animal sounds
He is CONSTANTLY climbing on top of the table, the back of the couch
and the top of the bunk bed.
He is a joy and we are so happy he is part
of our family. We love him to pieces!!!