Thursday, October 15, 2009

Megan's birthday & baptism

Megan turned 8 on Saturday Oct. 10th. I can not believe she is 8 sometimes! She woke up to snow on the ground, I told her I didn't know she also asked for snow for her birthday. She had fun playing and seeing her grandma/pa Schow and opened some presents. She received her very own set of scriptures, a case for them, necklaces, a CTR ring, and scrapbooking items. She loved all of it.

At 3:00 it was time for her baptism. She was very nervous and excited about this. Mostly nervous about going under the water. Before the baptism people started showing up and sitting down and Megan was looking around frantically for Brent. I asked her why she was getting so upset and she told me "because it is time for my baptism and I can't find dad" I could she was getting really nervous. I hugged her for a few minutes and told her to take deep breathes and that we couldn't start her baptism without her dad. She smiled and seemed to calm down a bit. We are so proud of her in taking this first step in following Christ.

This picture was actually taken on sunday.

After her baptism she had a few friends over and lots of family. She received a big quilt shown here from her Grandma Schow and new Webkinz from Grandma Bean, Joseph& Sarah, and one from her best friend Alana, 2 of them were caterpillars. She loved both of them and so now she has twin caterpillars, Fuzzy and Pepper. She also received a beautiful snow globe from our neighbors who came to her baptism, with an angel inside that says Faith and sings a hymn. They also had it engraved with Megan's name and birthday and baptism date on it. We have Wonderful neighbors.

After her baptism at home

Just before her baptism

It was a great baptism and she had a wonderful, very memorable birthday. We were glad we could spend the day with family and friends. It seems like it wasn't that long ago Megan was a sweet little baby with lots of hair and a laid back personality. She has been an easy child from birth. She was always awake and alert wanting to see what was going on around her. To this day she is still a people watcher and seems quiet and shy, of course not like this at home! She is a GREAT big sister and always wants to do her best. We love her sooo sooo much and are soooo proud of who she is becoming!