Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break so far

Last year for spring break we went to Kansas City and had a great time, this year no such plans were this is what we have been up to:

Enjoying Pump It Up

Sarah is terrified of inflattables so this is what she did most of the time

That is one monstrous slide, but sure is fun

Next stop the Science Center of Iowa, where we played and crawled through tunnels,

played with vacuum hoses,

went fishing,

made some bubbles,

had our 5 seconds of fame, (Sarah and Megan were on the noon news with the anchor woman, Joseph was nowhere to be seen, off exploring something else),

This is what happens when I tried to take all of their picture together:

not so successful....

But they sure are having a great spring break!!!

Brent took today and tomorrow off, so today we went to the zoo, tomorrow is glow in the dark golf along with checking into a hotel for the night and swimming into saturday. Should be Fun!!!!

Daniel learned how to clap and we think it is adorable!! (in the video he was more interested in trying to get to me though)

(Megan picked out the new background, isn't it cute?!)