Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday

June 2nd Daniel turned 1. I can't believe my little baby is 1!
The time goes so quickly, it seems like not that long ago you were just an infant.

The kids were so excited the first time they saw you. I remember Sarah coming in and saying "mom Look! Daniel came out of your tummy!" Your siblings love you and you love them. If Joseph is laying on the floor you love to climb on him and give him big sloppy open mouth kisses. You have started to reach up for Megan to pick you up and you love to laugh at the silly things Sarah does.

Your little personality is starting to come out, you love to put things in your mouth with them half hanging out and look at us to try and make us laugh. You have been a daddy's boy more than any of the others, if dad gets you out of your crib and hands you off to me you always cry and reach back for dad.

Most of the time you wake up crying and in a bad mood and it takes you a while to be happy but once your happy you are so happy! You love to get into Everything! If the bathroom door is left open you are in there in 2.6 seconds, unrolling all the toilet paper you can get your little hands on. If you see a gate open at the stairs you are crawling as fast as possible to try and go up them, even trying to go down, even though you don't know how yet. You have an obsession with anything with a handle, brooms, mops, golf clubs, toy sword, toilet plunger, umbrella, baseball bat, you also Love to play ball and that is your first word - baa, you could play with those things for hours. You love to cuddle with your mommy still and enjoy your one on one bedtime routine.

You have been a joy and such a fun little blessing to our family and we love you Daniel!!!