Saturday, April 25, 2009's about time

It has been over a year (and maybe a half) that we have taken the kids for "professional" pictures. So on our day off on friday we jammed the day with first picture takings, then science center, then a play to go see one of Megan's best friends, then opening ceremonies for baseball, then finally home to relax! (I was so exhausted I couldn't do anything that night!)

Here are the pictures we had taken, we were very happy with them!
We have a cd with all the pictures on them and I included some funny ones and some that we purchased. (click on them to see them bigger, some of their facial expressions are priceless)

Got this one....she needs her bangs cut. (maybe in another 5 months, hopefully, after Daniel comes and is a couple months old, they will be shorter)

Got this one for our wall.

Got this one because it is sooooo her.

Loved this one, but didn't get it.

We got this one and the one of Joseph standing in a collage and love it!

Got this one of our 2 precious girls!

Hope you enjoyed seeing them. We had fun picking them out!