Friday, February 24, 2012

Monthly Update

 Sarah put on a fashion show for me and Daniel the other day :)
Model Sarah:

The audience:

 Daisy has really enjoyed the snow lately, she love to run circles in the backyard and stick her nose in the snow, it is fun to watch.

This puppy also LOVES her blankie.  It is a blanket I found in our basement when we first got her so I put it in her kennel and she loved it so now she has to have it every night at bedtime, plus in the morning or whenever her blanket is in the kennel she will pull it out with her.  She thinks it is a fun game to hold it in her mouth and play tug of war with it with us, but after a few rips in it, I try not to do that anymore.  Cute huh?!
She really wants to take her blanket out in the snow but I won't let her.

 Our kitten Mischief likes to sleep with stuffed animals :)
These are some pictures of the kids on Brent's birthday recently eating ice cream cake.

Can you guess how old he turned on his last birthday??  :)

 In my last post it was about stitches for Daniel, well it was Daisy's turn for stitches :)  she was spade a couple weeks ago so if you look closely she has stitches in her belly.  I didn't feel nearly as bad for her as I did for Daniel when he had them.
 A picture I took this morning, we woke up to fresh new snow and it was really pretty, the tops of all the trees were white, I like it when it snows like this and then warms up enough that you don't have to shovel.